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Just a Few Simple Checks Can Extend the Life of Your Mud Pump and Its Components

If the articles posted about mud pumps on the internet are correct, it looks like the modern mud pumps were developed somewhere between 60 – 1oo years ago.  Certainly enhancements and improvements have been made along the way.  But after … Continue Reading

Five years after Gulf disaster, feds ready new well control and blowout preventer updates

  The truth that everyone in the oil and gas industry knows is that blowout preventers do not provide a 100% failsafe protection against drilling explosions.  While most agree that the BOPs create a less dangerous environment, actual data about … Continue Reading

Rethinking Indexers And Rotary Tables

    The performance control and accuracy of rotary tables have improved substantially over the years.  Below is a link to an article from Modern Machine Shop about this topic which outlines some advantages and disadvantages of various types of … Continue Reading