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It’s been amazing to watch the unfolding of the passage of HB 40 that uplifts the Oil & Gas industry, and most critically the protection of the immense job creation, in Texas. A collection of press releases about this is … Continue Reading

End “Arcane” Oil Export Ban and We’ll See Lower Gas Prices, Says Encana CEO

Combing the Internet for worthwhile news and useful information surrounding the oil and gas industry,can be both exciting and exasperating. Today was a more exciting search. This article and video are both informative and useful as well as heartwarming. The … Continue Reading

T. Boone Pickens: Oil Will Hit $70 By End of This Year

While no one can predict the future, there are many forecasting stabilization of oil prices in 2015. T. Boone Pickens is calling for oil prices to end this year at $70 a barrel. Pickens, a famed energy entrepreneur, is also the founder … Continue Reading

To foil oil spills, new rule requires better blowout preventers

  It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since the catastrophic blowout preventer failure in the Gulf of Mexico.  What is it worth to try to prevent this from happening again?  Would you believe 200 pages of … Continue Reading

Just a Few Simple Checks Can Extend the Life of Your Mud Pump and Its Components

If the articles posted about mud pumps on the internet are correct, it looks like the modern mud pumps were developed somewhere between 60 – 1oo years ago.  Certainly enhancements and improvements have been made along the way.  But after … Continue Reading

Five years after Gulf disaster, feds ready new well control and blowout preventer updates

  The truth that everyone in the oil and gas industry knows is that blowout preventers do not provide a 100% failsafe protection against drilling explosions.  While most agree that the BOPs create a less dangerous environment, actual data about … Continue Reading

Rethinking Indexers And Rotary Tables

    The performance control and accuracy of rotary tables have improved substantially over the years.  Below is a link to an article from Modern Machine Shop about this topic which outlines some advantages and disadvantages of various types of … Continue Reading

State estimates $150B to treasury if ANWR ever opened

ALASKA JOURNAL OF COMMERCE  March  12, 2015 Alaskans have long believed oil discovered in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could help keep the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System operating and also replenish the state treasury. It may be … Continue Reading

2015 IADC Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition

International Association of Drilling Contractors  May 14, 2015       Read More

Exxon, Shell’s spending patterns may help them through oil price drop International Association of Drilling Contractors

Mar 10, 2015  Reuters The world’s two biggest oil firms, Exxon Mobil Corp and Royal Dutch Shell, may withstand the oil price collapse better than their rivals because they are closer to finishing expensive investment projects while others must keep … Continue Reading