Five years after Gulf disaster, feds ready new well control and blowout preventer updates


The truth that everyone in the oil and gas industry knows is that blowout preventers do not provide a 100% failsafe protection against drilling explosions.  While most agree that the BOPs create a less dangerous environment, actual data about the reliability of BOPs is hard to come by.   In order to make the drilling process using BOPs safer, the current administration has proposed and implemented new requirements to control the drilling of offshore wells.  Below is a link to an article from fuelfix that outlines what is being proposed.  Also below is a link to contact RK Pipe personnel for help in selecting or locating the best blowout protector for your needs.


To read the full article in fuelfix, select this link.

To contact personnel at RK Pipe knowledgeable about blowout preventers, select this link.


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