Just a Few Simple Checks Can Extend the Life of Your Mud Pump and Its Components

If the articles posted about mud pumps on the internet are correct, it looks like the modern mud pumps were developed somewhere between 60 – 1oo years ago.  Certainly enhancements and improvements have been made along the way.  But after 60- 100 years the two most critical items to ensure maximum mud pump effectiveness are still mud pump servicing and training personnel or hiring trained personnel.   It seems that everything old is new again.  Below are a couple of links to articles that talk about each of these topics.  One article, from Trenches Technology, is about mud pump maintenance; the other article is from Well Servicing Magazine about fluid end maintenance for mud pumps.  For more information about mud pumps, please feel free to read about them on our website or contact us at RK Pipe.


Mud Pump Maintenance

Well Servicing 

Mud Pump Overview

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